A visit July 2017


Perry Lydon

AttachmentsJul 23

Hi Barb and Rick,  just a note to say thanks for all your kindness to me during my visit to the cabin.  My findings at Glenora and Laketon has increased my interest in the Dease Lake area and I look forward to learning more about the area from an historical point of view. I will always remember your hospitality and the impressive home and property that you have at Glenora.  I  will bring your cards to the Old Cemetery Meeting today and give a very positive outline of my visit.  Please keep me in mind if some interesting information on Nellie Cashman comes to mind.

Best wishes for now,

Perry Lydon, 

Morel mushrooms omelet, anyone?


tahltan river/ picture by Gerald Quash


There was a slide on the Tahltan River that could affect the spawning salmon.

fall colours


sent from England- Thank you Tom and Sandy!



A very big thank you for your help and co-operation help on our recent trip

We had a wonderful visit with an exceptional husband and wife team