Owner and operators Rick and Barb McCutcheon came to the Stikine Valley in 1973, and literally carved a home from the surrounding forest. They raised and schooled their two daughters in their wilderness home, providing for their needs with the produce of a large veggie garden. Still homesteading, they market vegetables to the local community and continue to enjoy the people and pristine natural beauty of the Stikine.

Sharing our homesteading skills

As older homesteaders we are wanting to share the many things we have learned about our area, the plants and animals.
Living off the grid we have explored ways of supplying and conserving power. Solar panels has worked for us for years.
Organic Gardening in this northern climate is our main pastime in the summer,
Preserving by canning and drying, I also offer jams, pickles and relishes for sale.
During the long winter we spend many hours making clothing.
Spinning, knitting, crocheting and sewing help pass the time.
Price could be negotiated depending on time spent and materials used.