Up the Creek B&B near Telegraph Creek, BC, provides an all-season accommodation for one to three people per booking. Relax, and enjoy unspoiled wilderness from the large front porch of our log cabin. A private and cozy retreat, it features solar power, a hot shower, and facilities for preparing simple meals. Breakfast and other meals are served to you so you can eat in the privacy of your own cabin. The remote location of our B&B offers unparalleled opportunities to experience wildlife and flora of the Stikine River region, with doorstep access to hiking trails that range from easy walking to alpine trekking. Visit us in the summer or winter for the best hiking, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in the Stikine!

Prices (we do not accept credit cards) Just cash or email transfers

B&B Accommodation
(full breakfast)

You pay no taxes!
Single $100.00
Double $125.00
Extra person $50.00
*other meals can be arranged


The Stikine Valley of British Columbia, Canada, offers a wilderness vacation experience that is as varied as you wish. If just getting away from it all is your style, then there is no more peaceful place to kick back, relax, and enjoy the incredible scenery, and unrivaled animal and bird viewing, of one of the most beautiful valleys in North America. More strenuous adventures wait for those willing to hit the trail and explore the surrounding countryside. And although our cabin B&B is not directly along the river, riverboat tours and flights to view the "Grand Canyon of the Stikine" and nearby Mt. Edziza Volcano are run by local companies.